You guys are alive! How's life!?

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It’s all for you, party people. All for you. *cue Janet Jackson as we dance into the sunset*

Who Knows, Who Cares • Chris Maymon and Nate Beattie (Local Natives Cover)

We might be a little bias, ‘cause here at the Happy Hour headquarters, we look out for our own— but we’ll be real with you… this cover has grown on us more than you can imagine. Headphones are a must, so don’t press play until you’ve snagged a pair. Chris is an occasional writer for us, and has decided to up and bail for better days in New Zealand, but is kind enough to leave us with one hell of a rendition of Local Natives’ “Who Knows, Who Cares”. If you’ve got any appreciation for good dudes with good voices and great taste in music (thanks to a few good friends), you should check this out. Maybe if we spread this around enough he’ll stay in the States. Maybe? Who knows. Who cares. Right? 

Warm • the Neighbourhood featuring Raury

It’s kinda like the boys in the ‘hood channeled Kanye’s autotune effects on Yeezus while maintaining the Californian flow we’ve come to know, love, and need. The track may be entitled “Warm”, but I’m gonna say it’s pretty fuckin’ hot. 

High Dive • Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

Fear not: we’re still growing up with Andrew McMahon. The self-titled debut hits on October 14th, and a pre-order is likely in your best interest. “High Dive” is the second single we’ve heard from the Wilderness, and we couldn’t be happier. New band, new instruments, new lyrics, but it’s Andy… through and through. Dance-floor-synths, a belt-worthy-chorus, draped with lyrics that can trigger a much-needed existential crisis. It’s everything you’d want, with a touch of something new. 

Fight Your Fire • AYER (Produced by Arnold & Bel Heir)

You can imagine how stoked we were to see Ayer working with Bel Heir. Synths on synths, my friends. It was the only outcome. But, also, if you think about it…. the vocals were bound to be on point. Alas, here we are. Ayer’s at the top of his game, so if you’re looking to catch a show this weekend and you’re close to New York City, get out there. His live debut is Saturday, August 9th, at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar. He’s on the bill with Ghost Beach, so you know shit’s going to get real. “Fight Your Fire” has us begging for a full release… so, homie, oblige us. 

You Haunt Me • Sir Sly
We tweeted about Sir Sly’s newest the day it came out, but we sat on the official posting. It’s not because we weren’t sure how we felt about it… it’s mostly that we couldn’t stop listening to it and wanted to take it all in before we put our feelings into words. When it comes down to it, we can’t quite sum up what this track means to us as a team, and I can’t sum up what it means to me as a person. I said it once, and I’ll say it again— Sir Sly is to my 20’s what The Starting Line was to my teens. If you’re looking for that song to really sell you on this California-based outfit, look no further. “You Haunt Me” is indie-pop-bliss churned out by guys who are meant to have a strong presence in the scene today. Don’t overlook ‘em. PS: this will be stuck in your head for days. You will love it. 

Bermuda • The Soundmen ft. Avan Lava

Summer might be winding down, but thanks to some of our favorites, we have absolutely no reason to stress it. “Bermuda” blends the Soundmen’s exquisite production with Avan Lava’s always on point vocals. The outcome of this collab is the anthem you’ve been waiting for. August is the new June, people. This song is proof of that. 

Looking Too Closely • Fink

If I’m not mistaken, the last time I listened to Fink was May of 2013. That wasn’t that long ago. When I started typing, I was going to say a very different year. Shout out to iTunes for helping me out. Regardless, I was obsessed with “This Is the Thing”, and I think it was because of some atrocious Nicholas Sparks’ book-turned-movie. “Looking Too Closely” warrants a similar obsession, but the roots are much more pure. I like that. 

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