Looking Too Closely • Fink

If I’m not mistaken, the last time I listened to Fink was May of 2013. That wasn’t that long ago. When I started typing, I was going to say a very different year. Shout out to iTunes for helping me out. Regardless, I was obsessed with “This Is the Thing”, and I think it was because of some atrocious Nicholas Sparks’ book-turned-movie. “Looking Too Closely” warrants a similar obsession, but the roots are much more pure. I like that. 

Mother & Father • BROODS

Adulthood isn’t a thing that happens when you turn 18. It isn’t something that happens when you graduate college. It isn’t something that happens when you move out of your house. It’s kind of this ongoing presence / end-goal that people of almost every age are trying to figure out. BROODS made us feel some stuff about some stuff with this one. 

Black Diamond • AYER (the Soundmen Remix)

This collaboration is heavenly. We say that personally, ‘cause both AYER and the Soundmen are near and dear to our hearts… BUT we also say that objectively. “Black Diamond” at its core is an exquisite, ethereal release. The Soundmen’s touch brings a late-night feel, coating AYER’s vocals with some on point production work. Both names are on the rise, so we recommend keeping an eye out. 

Beggin for Thread • BANKS

Female vocalists and 2014. Two things that, in my opinion, go hand in hand. Maybe it’s just now that I’ve realized it, but hell, I think women have taken over and I couldn’t be more stoked about it. Show your support by picking this track up on iTunes. Please and thank you. 

Passing Ships • The Travelling Band

There’s something to be said about tracks that start of with subtle piano and quiet vocals that evolve into so much more. That something is that these tracks kick ass. Incorporate some strings, witty / biting lyrics… well, it kinda reminds me of something you’d hear on Winnie the Pooh, if the show were transformed into a gaggle of animal-esque high schoolers living through typical teenaged trials. That was really far-fetched, but it’s where I’m at. 

Fiona Coyne • Saint Pepsi

There’s no song out there right now that screams “summer” so loudly. If you don’t feel compelled to go out, grab a pair of Wayfarers, throw all your money on a convertible, and bail on work for the beach when you listen to this… I just don’t know who you are. 

Lurk • the Neighbourhood

I think the Neighbourhood don’t get nearly enough credit for sex appeal. I know Arctic Monkey’s kinda took over when they released AM, but right out of the starting gate these dudes have killed it with sexy as fuck tracks. It’s probably a California thing. 

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright • Mike Mains and the Branches

I’ve got this CD in my car and I think it’s the main reason for about 75% of my happiness when I’m driving for 5+ hours. It’s also the main reason for about 45% of my happiness when I’m driving for 10 minutes. The only reason the percentage is lower is because I can only listen to so many songs in 10 minutes, guys. It sucks. Talent overfloweth, my friends. 

Cecilia and the Satellite • Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

It wouldn’t be any stretch to say that Andrew McMahon has consistently been my favorite artist since I was 12. I still remember the first time I heard “Cavanaugh Park”— I stole my sister’s Sony Discman before heading to school, blatantly ignored my friends, and listened to this mixed CD that one of her friends made her. It was a big move for me… I really wasn’t listening to anything other than Eminem, Nelly, and 2Pac at the time. Imagine my surprise when angsty, bitter 12-year-old me fell in love with everything that hit my ears. Taking Back Sunday, the Early November, and the Starting Line stuck with me, but Something Corporate always meant a little more. I’m committed to so much more than Andrew’s music; I’m committed to his message. He’s a new dude, now, much different than he was back in ‘02, but he’s still churning out music that is outrageously personal, relatable, and meant to be heard at a high volume in a vehicle without a destination. “Cecilia and the Satellite” is so much more than what I expected to hear when I pressed play, and damn it, guys, I’m so stoked about it. 

Do You • Spoon

I’ve got a pretty rad Spoon poster in my room, and for a while I’ve had a very nostalgic relationship with the band. Couldn’t be more stoked about this new track from one of my favorite bands— think it’s safe to say we’ve got a new improved dose of Spoon, mixed with everything we’ve ever loved about ‘em. Big things to come, I’m sure. Keep an eye out for “They Want My Soul”, as it hits stores on August 5th. Pre-orders are cool, so like, do it. 

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